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8U Tournament Rules


Our 8U Tournaments are considered a developmental competition. We expect coaches and fans to keep this in mind throughout the tournament and keep a positive attitude toward players, opponents, and umpires during the games. Scheduling adjustments may need to take place because of weather or other concerns. The tournament directors reserve the right to change/alter/edit tournament rules prior to or during the tournament if deemed necessary. No tobacco of any kind or alcohol is permitted on or around the fields or in the parking lot. Any coach is permitted to remove any person not following this rule. 


Games will consist of six innings. Ten-run rule is in effect after four innings.


3 outs are recorded OR 5 runs are scored in Innings 1-5 (No run limit 6th inning and after) 


Maximum number of 14 players on team roster. Minimum of 9 players on roster. Roster with name, number, and birth date should be submitted the day of the tournament. 


Each team will provide their own coach to pitch to their team. Coach pitcher must stand within the pitching circle. No underhand throws or throwing from a knee. Six (6) pitch limit, three-strike strikeout. An uncaught foul ball on the sixth pitch will result in an additional pitch for the batter until the ball is put in play OR the batter swings and misses. A two-strike foul ball caught by the opposing catcher will be an out. 

Once the ball is put in play, it is the responsibility of the coach pitcher to remain out of the play as much as possible. If a coach inadvertently makes contact with a batted ball, the ball will be considered a dead ball and the batter will be asked to hit again. The strike and pitch count will be what it was before the pitch touched by the coach. In other words, that particular pitch will be ignored. As always, the safety of the players is most important. We encourage coach pitchers to use their judgement on batted balls that they consider dangerous for their player pitcher counterpart. 

A coach purposely becoming involved in a play will result in the batter being called out. 


The tournament will adhere to the rules of Little League Baseball with the following adaptations/additions: 

1. All players on the roster will bat in continuous order within a game.
2. Six pitch limit, three-strike strikeout.
3. A maximum of 10 fielders will be permitted on the field, with four (4) in the outfield.
4. Defensive team pitcher must begin each play with one foot in or on the pitching circle.
5. No infield fly rule in play
6. No stealing of bases
7. No bunting is permitted
8. A courtesy runner may be used for the catcher at any time to speed up game play.
10. Adult base coaches are permitted. No player coaching of bases.
11. If desired, you may position a coach in foul territory in the outfield when your team is fielding. This coach may not physically assist in play in any way.
12. Coin toss will determine the home team. Team traveling longest distance will call the coin toss.
13. Minimum grace period of 15 minutes between games (tournament directors have the right to adjust if 
weather/time becomes a concern).
14. USA Bats Only 
All players must have team uniform including team shirt and hat.  Baseball pants must also be worn, no shorts. No metal cleats allowed.
16. A player must be 8 years or younger as of April 30th, to be an eligible player.
Tie breaker Seeding procedures is as follows:
1. Record    2. Head to head     3. Run Differential   4. Runs allowed    5. Runs scored    6. Coin toss
Playoff games highest seed will be the home team.
19. Due to bad weather 3 ½ innings if the home team is winning or 4 innings if the away team is winning will be considered a regulation game.  If the game cannot be continued due to weather and less innings are played the game will be resumed on the new date. Games cannot be resumed until 15 minutes after a lightning strike.
20. No rover position, all 4 outfielders must play in the grass at least 15ft from the infield behind the white line. Outfielders cannot tag a runner out or cover a base.
21. A runner may not advance to the next base on an overthrow from the infield.
22. If a batter bats out of order and is recognized by opposing coach, the batter is out and the result of the play stands.
In the event a hit ball touches a base runner the runner is out and the ball will be considered dead. The batter will be awarded first base.
24. No leading off bases. One team warning will be issued per game. Any other occurrence will result in the runner being called out.
In the event of an injury the ball will be considered dead. Any runners advancing will be awarded 1 base.


For batted balls that go in the outfield, base advancement will end once a player on the infield dirt (including foul territory) has control of the ball. A line will be drawn halfway between bases and will be used to determine whether a player gets the next base. 

Players will not be returned to the previous base until the play ends, meaning if the player is tagged out, then they are out, even if the halfway line was not obtained. If safe, and not past halfway on initial possession, then the runner will go back to the previous base if not past the line. Making a play on a runner DOES NOT grant them the next base. 

Teams do not have to get the ball to the coach pitcher to end the play. However, the coach pitcher will not catch a ball thrown from a person in the outfield. An infielder must possess the ball in the infield before throwing to the coach pitcher. A defense throwing the ball to the coach pitcher has forfeited their chance to put out a runner in between bases. 

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